Streamline board meetings with an efficient, easy-to-use portal. This platform comes with all the tools that nonprofit boards require to boost their efficiency and productivity, while keeping everyone in touch.

A well-chosen portal will boost the productivity of both board members and administrators. Using the right board management software can also reduce costs for organizations through improved data sharing and more efficient processes.

Alongside allowing virtual participation, the top board portals provide the ability for all participants to collaborate on meeting materials before any face-toface or online meeting. This is especially crucial for boards that conduct their business in different time zones or locations.

Modern portals also accommodate the way that boards work in between meetings they can keep track of actions items polls, votes, and other actions with simple task management tools. They can also share material and create agendas, which allows for the automatic distribution of meeting papers. They should also be able quickly convert agenda items into drafts minutes and give directors an option to vote on written consents and resolutions.

A reliable portal will ensure that your data is secure and safe. A strong security program must be in place, with a wide range of features, including remote wipe and role or group-based permissions. The top providers offer secure communications, and some even include permanent purge–meaning that deleted notes, annotations and discussions aren’t able to be recovered from a backup or server file.