TERF is good slur [ revise ]

TERF glossary may use some help. Excite research the article’s assertions. Any was reputable are sourced, and you can what is actually perhaps not would be eliminated.

When you look at the TERF groups combinations like the keyword “super” such as for example “super upright”, “awesome lady”, “super lesbian” and you may “awesome feminist”, for the standalone term “super” once the shorthand, all of the relate to brand new Super Upright meme which was popularised by the neo-Nazi agitators on 4chan to help you void and you can mock trans mans intercourse identities and you may justify blatant transphobia. In the light regarding each other their provider and employ certainly transphobic individuals it is a very transphobic label.

TEHM [ revise ]

Means “Trans-Exclusionary Homosexual Male”. Some homosexual male TERFs utilize this identity on their own and employ they to justify excluding trans guys.

“TERF try a beneficial slur” was a great spurious claim from TERFs and usually its simple answer when they are criticized due to their mean ideology. Anyone stating “TERF are an effective slur” is pretty indeed a TERF.

Terfragette [ modify ]

A try to recover the definition of TERF whenever you are pretending they are comparable towards the suffragettes which campaigned to possess votes for females. Utilized as care about-identification by TERFs.

Terven [ revise ]

A team of TERFs. Made use of “ironically” by TERFs in order to recover the term TERF, age.g. “oh zero, the audience is the new evil terven!”

#TheyCallMeTerf [ revise ]

A different hashtag that spawned sometime inside 2019 as an easy way getting TERFs to battle right back immediately following becoming named out to be transphobic.

TIM/TIF (Trans Known Men/Female) [ change ]

Terminology familiar with misgender trans ladies (TIM) and you can males (TIF), if you find yourself at the same time also doubting that they’re trans (which is not a bona-fide issue, according to TERFs), from now turned-into-dogwhistle “choose just like the” phrase.

they are made use of because they do not secure the characters of new optional sex (instead of mtF, ftM), and since he or she is normally masculine (Tim/Timothy) or women (Tiffany) brands.

Smaller fraction of men [ change ]

A way TERFs explain trans ladies, so you’re able to claim that he is getting silenced by an effective “fraction of your patriarchy”.

Tranorexia [ modify ]

Relates to a belief one of TERFs that getting trans is comparable so you’re able to anorexia, and should become addressed because of the encouraging the person to accept themselves as the cis, rather than through providing medical changeover (“we do not provide anorexics weight loss businesses!”) The definition of is also familiar with suggest that being trans try a craze or phase certainly one of teens, and this younger trans boys within toddlers otherwise early twenties could have been anorexic ladies in the event the that they had grown up throughout the 90s or 2000s. “Tranorexia” was a type of help to own Conversion Procedures.

Transage [ modify ]

A few some one desire to be thought to Greeley escort reviews be “transage” i.age., perception that they are a particular age besides than the chronological many years. [mention cuatro] The idea can often be referenced because of the TERFs and other proper-wing trolls exactly who argue that due to the fact legislation does not accept transage someone, it has to maybe not enable switching an individual’s gender name. It was popularized within the TERF groups because of the a post positing a hypothetical circumstance where several 45-year-olds need to legally change its years so they are able located positives it if you don’t would not be eligible to (instance an older citizen’s traveling ticket), implying this is certainly as well as why transgender somebody changeover. This title could also be used of the pedophiles to validate their interest in order to minors.

Trans cult [ edit ]

An effective conspiracy principle one to accuses transgender groups to be a good cult. Shortly after looking at apparent symptoms of a probably malicious cult, actually, the opposite holds true: it’s TERFs by themselves who will be brand new cult.